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Yes, We Do That!

Updated: Apr 5

We're often asked about the services we offer. Do you fix moisture between panes? Do you replace single pane glass? Can you fix a window with broken glass? Yes, we do that!

Can you make custom table tops? Can you make glass shelves? Yes, we do that!

Do you fix outdated shower enclosures? Do you do new, custom shower enclosures? Yes, we do that!

Do you install mirrors? Can you replace a broken mirror? Can you cut down a chipped mirror? Yes, we do that!

Can you fix broken parts on an existing window? Can you fix a window that won't operate properly? Yes, we do that!

Can you make my kids do their chores? Can you help me remember important dates? Can you file my taxes? ...Ok, so there are some things we can't do.

But if it involves flat glass, chances are very good that yes, we do that!


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