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Why, and how do we do it?

The Why

Replacing an entire window can be costly if it's not warranted. At Hyperion, we have spent years replacing just the glass, and saving our customers money by doing so. Most glass replacements can be done on site and completed in just a few hours.

The How

Each sash is different, and based on the manufacturer, come apart in different ways. Once we are able to remove the exterior components that hold it together, the sash comes apart and we are able to remove the insulated glass unit, and replace it with the new one we made in shop. 99.9% of the time the work is completed on site.

Single panes can be easy or complicated, depending on the system. if it is equipped with external grids or anything similar, it can take a little longer than usual. Otherwise, we just remove the broken or cracked glass and caulk a new one in to place.

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