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Spring Time Maintenance

With warmer temps upon us, it's important not to neglect your windows when doing your spring cleaning and/or maintenance. It's always important to have a check list of the things you need to check after winter has subsided, with windows included.

Above is just a quick list of things that you can check while opening your windows to let some fresh air in. You also want to make sure your sashes/window system are free of rot and not covered with foliage or any other plants and/or bushes. This can cause moisture to build up and create wood rot. You always want to make sure there is sufficient space between the two.

If it seems as though moisture may have built up inside of your glass unit, and a good cleaning doesn't remove that foggy look, then it's most likely you have a failed seal.

There are easy fixes to most of the problems you'll find, such as replacing a lock, or adjusting a window or replacing a balancer. If you'd rather have a professional come and inspect your windows, give us a call and we can send someone out to take a look at everything for you.

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