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Spring has sprung! Are you ready?

(See previous blog for the Spring time checklist)

Time to get those windows open to allow some fresh air in to our homes!

Have you inspected your windows for functionality?

With April approaching quickly, we are all aware that April showers bring May flowers, but are we aware at how the "showers" can affect our windows?

Are they "dirty" and won't wipe off, or "foggy"?

When you have a failed seal, moisture collects between the panes. As time goes by, that moisture can seep out and around the frame, causing damage.

Does your window fall down or not stay up properly?

Bad balances or other internal parts that malfunction can not only be a pain, collect moisture and fail, but also dangerous.

Does your window fall out?

Have you checked your locks and other external parts of the window to make sure they're not broken/missing, or just need replaced from wear? A loose fitting window will collect moisture, and can also be dangerous.

Ready for those Spring repairs?

Give us a call! We do free estimate appointments.


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