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Freshly cut grass and broken door glass !


We can't always prevent things from happening. But we can try.

Being lawn mowing season, the main goal is to make your yard look cut, clean and pretty. Not to take out one of your patio door's glass (or windows).

It would be wise to invest in a few pieces of custom size cut plywood to just set up against the outside of any french/sliding patio door systems that you may have, as well as your windows, depending on their systems, custom cut plywood may be able to just set on the ledge of the window system leaning in.

This can absolutely help prevent the possibility of having to dish out hundreds of dollars on new glass.

It can definitely come in handy, and doesn't cost nearly as much.


Already shattered?

Contact paper.

Applying some kind of self adhesive contact paper can prevent dangerous situations - such as the glass falling down, until someone can get out to get it removed.

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