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Hyperion Glass Lifetime Seal Warranty

                Hyperion Glass Company, LLC., warrants the seal on all covered Insulated Glass Units, IGU here
forward, for the life of the window sash or system into which they are installed by technicians deemed
fit by Hyperion Glass Company. This warranty is fully transferable as long as the original receipt is
produced for any warranty claims. All claims under this warranty must be made in writing to Hyperion
Glass Company. This warranty is subject to the conditions, restrictions and limitations contained below.
This warranty does not take effect until the job is completed and paid in full. This warranty only covers
seal failure. It does not cover any parts, such as moldings, clips, catching, l latches, locks, beading,
gaskets, screws, bolts or any components other than the IGU and its seal.
Lifetime Seal Warranty.

The first 15 years of this warranty include both material and labor should the seal of the covered IGU fail within 15 years of installation date, excluding the restrictions below. After 15 years, this warranty only covers the cost of materials so long as the new IGU is installed by Hyperion Glass Company. Hyperion Glass Company requires the buyer to present a copy of the original receipt should the warranty need to be used. It is the responsibility of the buyer of the IGU, or successive owner, to retain the original receipt. The warranty claim will be initialized from the date of the complaint, if the seal is found to be broken upon inspection. At the time of inspection, it will be
determined if the seal was broken due to a manufacturing failure, installation defect, or some other
cause outside of the control of Hyperion Glass Company.


If it can be shown that there is a cause for failure which did not involve the manufacturing, installation, or any initial defect of any of the components of the IGU, the warranty will be determined to be null and void. If however the seal failure is found to be the product of workmanship of Hyperion Glass Company or defect of any component of the IGU, Hyperion Glass Company will replace the failed IGU within the bounds of the
allotted portion of the warranty. If an IGU is replaced under the 15 year warranty, successive
replacements will be covered under the Limited Warranty Restrictions.

Hyperion Glass Company LLC provides a Limited Warranty , which is for 5 years and
covers material only, on all windows deemed to be in unfit glazing areas or that are sloped more than 10  degrees from vertical. This includes, but is not limited to, high moisture areas, areas of excessive heat, areas of excessive cold, or IGUs that have a window film, any light limiting substance, or any other obstruction applied directly to, or within 1 inch, of the surface of the IGU.

Hyperion Glass Company LLC will not be responsible for the cost of replacing specially ordered, non
standard materials. In the event of a warranty replacement, the wholesale cost of specially ordered
materials, through non standard vendors, will be the responsibility of the customer.

Exceptions to the warranty

Exceptions to the warranty include breakage of glass (not caused by improper installation), breakage of exterior caulk line, modification or work performed to the window system by an individua l or company other than Hyperion Glass Company, or any improper use or abuse of the window system or IGU. This warranty does not cover glass breakage, or any physical appearance of the glass. It only covers the integrity of the IGU seal. Hyperion Glass Company shall not be liable in any way for damage or defect due to accident, mishandling, or improper use, negligent operation, improper maintenance, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado, acts of nature, damage cause by chemicals, salt, acid rain, airborne pollutions or application of corrosive substances, use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was designed, unauthorized attachments, tints, films, repairs or modifications, mineral deposits, etching or pitting of window glass, water seepage due to
lack of maintenance, faulty trim/frames, high-pressure spraying or cleaning, condensation on external
glass surface or any other abuse, misuse or other cause beyond the control of Hyperion Glass Company.
This warranty only applies to IGUs and does not apply in any way to single pane glazing, mirrors,


This warranty becomes null and void if the sash or window system is no longer glazeable or
functional. This warranty does not apply to any IGU installed by Hyperion Glass that was not
manufactured by Hyperion Glass Company, or any IGU manufactured by Hyperion Glass Company,
but was not installed by Hyperion Glass Company.


In the event that Hyperion Glass installs a unit made by an outside manufacturer, that manufacturer’s warranty will be in effect, as a material only warranty. All warranty claims with outside manufacturers will be subject to the rules and regulations of their warranty plans. This additional warranty information will be provided by Hyperion Glass at the request of the customer.

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